Rescuers Left Heartbroken After Seeing Dog’s Face Nearly Ripped Apart By Firecracker

A photograph of a dog with a face severely maimed and injured gained a lot of attention after it was shared by rescuers from Fort Worth, Texas organization Dallas Dog RRR – Rescue. Rehab. Reform. In addition to his horrifying wounds, Champ was also emaciated, and his teeth had been filed down. At the time, it was unknown as to where the pup came from or how he wound up in this condition.

According to a vet, extensive surgery will need to be done to help his wounds, and many parts of his cheek and mouth are completely disconnected from each other as a result of what has happened to him. Vets speculate that the damage seems to have been done from the inside, meaning that someone exploded a firecracker inside his mouth. Who could be so horrible?

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