He Put His Sick, Old Dog In The Pool—But When This Happens Next, I’m In Tears

You’re going to meet an amazing husky named Kane, and his extremely loyal pet parent.

Recently, Kane’s rear legs stopped functioning. He’s extremely old and in a lot of pain, and unfortunately he’s too old for surgical treatment. Pain medication only eased his pain a little bit. Rather than giving up on his treasured companion, Kane’s dad chose to try new things.

He soon discovered that taking Kane for a swim was the only thing that alleviated his pain. In fact, several owners are now discovering the soothing effects of water on their pets. It is an excellent remedy for pets recuperating from surgery, for senior pets who have arthritis or movement issues, and for dogs who suffer from paralysis.

In the pool, Kane became weightless and felt no stress, which was usually the cause of the pain in his rear legs. It was an extreme comfort to Kane’s family to find out that he wasn’t suffering while swimming.

It is a tragic truth that owners often give up their dogs when they aren’t puppies anymore. Senior dogs need much more attention and determination than regular pups, so whenever I see families like Kane’s providing them with the love and admiration they deserve, my heart melts.

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