Pit Bull Who Loves Cuddling With His Baby Brother Is Breaking All The Stereotypes

It’s no secret that pit bulls get an unfair rap thanks to the media. They’re commonly portrayed as vicious, unpredictable, and dangerous, and the public tends to believe that this is exactly the way they are.

It’s safe to say that no other breed has ever endured so much scrutiny and undeserved criticism. Nevertheless, this is the reputation that pit bulls and their owners have to overcome on a daily basis, and oftentimes, it’s a steep hill to climb.

A family in Russia, however, is hoping to prove that the media’s portrayal of these dogs is inaccurate. Not only is their pit bull, Akamaru, one of the sweetest dogs on the planet, but he also happens to be one of the cuddliest…

Pit bulls are regularly portrayed as vicious dogs by the media. This only perpetuates the fears that everyday people have of this breed and of other big dogs in general. Nevertheless, one family is doing everything they can to change that perception.


Anyone who has ever owned or been close to a pit bull can attest to one thing: they’re just as capable of being a loving pet as any other breed. It’s not the pit bull’s genetics, but the way they’re raised that, unfortunately, earns them their unfair reputation.


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