Owner throws dying dog down a garbage chute. Then maintenance worker saves his life

When Patrick was found, he was barely alive. His cruel owner abandoned him, leaving him out to starve and die. To make matters worse, the owner even threw Patrick down a garbage chute that was twenty-two stories high. Fortunately, a maintenance worker found the poor dog moments before he was put into a trash compactor.

The worker then brought Patrick to an animal hospital in Newark, New Jersey. This is Patrick’s miraculous story.


Patrick was found by a maintenance worker in a dumpster. He was wrapped in a garbage bag.


He was terribly emaciated and looked like he was barely alive.



No one at Garden State Veterinary Services were sure he’d survive the night.



But somehow, Patrick did!



But Patrick was far from healthy. He weight nineteen pounds, and his body temperature was so low that it didn’t even register on the thermometer.



His chances were slim. Every day that he survived was considered a victory.