A Man Told His Loyal Dog To ‘Stay’, But He Never Returned..

In Moscow, Russia, a woman named Elena Kniazeva found an abandoned dog who was waiting for its owner to come back – turns out that its former owner told it to ‘stay put’ but never returned. The dog had only remained there out of loyalty – for a week before it was found.

Elena brought the dog to a nearby shelter, and gave it a new name – Luke. Luke quickly got along with the resident pooches at the shelter, especially with one significant other.

Image Credit: Inna Portnoy / Facebook

Luke was another abandoned dog found with his ears cut off beside his dead sibling.

Image Credit: Elena Kniazeva / iheartdogs.com

Dennis and Luke found solace in one another, and became fast friends. Together, they set off to look for a new home outside Russian territory – thanks to their adopters!

Image Credit: Inna Portnoy / Facebook

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