If you have ever heard a story that was so inspiring and touching, then you know what afterwards, it’s hard to get it out of your head. And Maria’s story, is definitely one of them.

Maria is a dachshund, and she was paralyzed from her ribs down. She could no longer walk, and was getting weaker each day. And it was during this time, that something awful happened to her.

During the time that she was paralyzed, she was also forcibly bred by her owners, and became pregnant.

Dachshund’s are know for dealing with problems with their backs and hind legs due to their long bodies. If one is neglected, and not given the proper treatment, then things like, becoming paralyzed, happen. And already having a weak body, and then forced into pregnancy? I’m pretty sure that made her weak body even worse.

Maria’s owners were planning on having a C-section, since that would be the only way she would be able to deliver. But they weren’t aware of the cost, which would be $3,000. So instead of going through with it, they abandoned her.

It wasn’t long till Friends Of Emma, a rescue organization, stepped up to take in Maria, and ultimately save her life.

During her fist visit to the vet, they were able to diagnose Maria with anemia, which they believe to be a result of a severe flea infestation. Now, after being treated, all they could do was wait.

Before they knew it, Maria delivered 7 beautiful and healthy little pups! But, just as soon as they came, they went. The puppies grew big and strong, and when they were 8 weeks old, they were available for adoption. And all but 2 have been adopted.

But to make things even better, something incredible happened. And when I say incredible, I’m NOT exaggerating. After months of treatment and therapy, Maria was now WALKING again!

The once scared, paralyzed and pregnant pup learned to walk with love, trust, and patience. And we couldn’t be happier!

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