This Bait Dog Had Been Waiting to Be Rescued Since He’d Been Abandoned in an Armchair

Duke’s life truly began when someone took the time to see him AND save him!

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

Duke was a sad looking dog who would hang out on an old armchair. He had nowhere else to go. After he wandered around to eat scraps, he would return to that armchair and remain there day and night. It was his one safe spot.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

No one cared enough to help him. Until…

Someone in the neighborhood took the time to take Duke’s picture and post it on Facebook. The young man mentioned that his mom had seen the dog in the neighborhood for a while. He added that Duke was thin and covered in mange, then asked the public for help.

That’s when Leslie Ysuhuaylas saw the photos. Ysuhuaylas is a Texas-based volunteer for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. She contacted another volunteer and sent her out to get Duke as soon as possible.

“He was very scared, and he didn’t really trust people,” Ysuhuaylas told The Dodo. “He was very wary.”

The volunteer was able to get Duke into the car and drive him to an emergency vet clinic in Dallas. Poor Duke was dehydrated, anemic, covered in fleas and mange, and had cataracts. His teeth were also filed down, a telling mark of a bait dog.

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